MSI GF75 Thin Disassembly and RAM, SSD, HDD Upgrade Options

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In this article, I will explore how to upgrade memory, M.2 SSD, HDD, wireless network card for MSI GF75 Thin. I will remove its back cover to access memory, SSD, cooling module, battery, speaker, Motherboard, and other components.

The bottom cover is made of plastic material, and there are many small holes on the bottom cover to increase the heat dissipation efficiency. Through the small holes, the internal heat dissipation copper pipe can be vaguely seen.

Remove all the screws that secure the bottom cover and use a plastic sheet to slowly pry the bottom cover. It should be noted that there is a screw covered with an MSI warranty label. If you remove the back cover privately, you will lose the warranty qualification.

Remove the bottom cover

After removing the bottom cover, most of the internal components can be seen. MSI GF75 Thin uses a dual-fan, four heat-pipe cooling module. The CPU and GPU are covered by two heat pipes. The heat sink also covers the power supply module and video memory. A single heat pipe on each heat dissipation module has an independent air outlet to ensure heat dissipation efficiency.

The battery cannot see the specification information, and the AIDA64 detection capacity is 51Wh.

On the left side of the battery, there is an HDD slot that can be installed with a 2.5-inch HDD or SATA SSD.

Internal picture

MSI GF75 Thin has two memory slots. My laptop only comes with an 8GB DDR4 2666MHz memory from SK Hynix. If you need it, you can purchase additional memory to form a dual-channel memory.


The 512GB SSD from Kingston and supports the NVMe protocol.

In AS SSD Benchmark, the continuous read speed is 1400.99 MB/s, the continuous write speed is 969.08MB/s, and the random read and write speeds are 45.53 MB/s and 70.11 MB/s respectively.

In CrystalDiskMark, the measured continuous read and write speeds are 1618 MB/s and 1039 MB/s, and the random read and write speeds are 38.58 MB/s and 82.67 MB/s.


This laptop comes with a wireless network card with a model of AX201NGW, which supports up to 2×2 MIMO 160MHz connection under Wi-Fi 6, and the maximum speed is 2.4Gbps.

wireless network card

Source: Mydrivers

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