In November of this year, Apple officially released the Mac equipped with the Apple M1 chip. Recently, a large number of Apple M1 chip benchmark points have appeared on the Antutu. AnTuTu officially stated that when running the iOS application, the MacBook Air was disguised as an iPad Pro and the system was also recognized as iOS 14.2.

In the Antutu database, the MacBook Air equipped with the Apple M1 chip achieved a maximum score of 1119243 points. Among them, CPU scores 282265 points, GPU scores 538944 points, MEM scores 189921 points, and UX scores 108113 points.

Apple M1 chip AnTuTu benchmark scorecard leaked

Compared with the iPad Pro 4 (A12), which is also a 512GB storage version, the CPU score leads 50.65%, GPU score leads 43.78%, MEM score leads 64.98%, UX score leads 38.66%, and the total score leads 48.19%. From this point of view, the performance of the Apple M1 chip is surprising, which makes us look forward to the performance of the Apple M series chips in the future.

It is worth mentioning that AnTuTu officially stated that the Apple M1 is also the first chip got a score of 1 million in the iOS AnTuTu V8 version.


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