ASUS officially announced a new generation of ROG gaming phone on January 13, which will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship Snapdragon 888 processor.

This morning, Weibo digital blogger @WHYLAB exposed a real-time hands-on picture of a suspected fourth-generation ASUS ROG gaming phone. According to the blogger, there is a number 5 in the center of the back of the new phone. It is speculated that it may skip the number “4” because the number 4 is unlucky in China, so the new phone will be named ROG phone 5.

From the picture, Asus ROG phone 5 still inherits the design style of the previous generation product. The appearance design on the back is basically the same as that of the previous generation. The rear three cameras are arranged horizontally, and the main camera is 64 million pixels. The brand logo of Rog is moved to the lower left corner of the back.

ASUS ROG gaming phone 5

In addition, ROG gaming phone 5 is also equipped with a red independent button on the side, it is speculated that this button should be able to enter the game mode with one click.

At present, the official has not announced any information about the new generation of ROG gaming phones. However, ASUS ROG gaming phone 5 has passed the 3C certification, and the information shows that the phone will be equipped with a 65W fast charging and a battery capacity of over 6000mAh, which is also the largest model with battery capacity among the existing game phones.

It is worth noting that although the official information has not been announced at present, but from the warm-up posters, ROG gaming phone 5 may take a further step in the full-screen design. It seems to adopt a design similar to Xiaomi mix, only retaining the border at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, the poster also shows the star connection diagram of Aries, and the time of Aries is from March 21 to April 19. Base on this, the official or implied ROG gaming phone 5 will be officially unveiled in March this year.


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