On January 10th, the CEO of Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd.@Black Shark Luo Yu Zhou posted “A big event will happen tomorrow morning”. At that time, we speculated that he might be hinting that the new flagship mobile phone, the Black Shark 4, would be officially announced. On the morning of January 11th, @Black Shark Luo Yu Zhou posted again to introduce some information about this new phone to netizens.

According to the information released by Luo Yuzhou, the game performance of the Black Shark 4 is very powerful, and its appearance is bursting. Presumably, this new phone is equipped with powerful components, and the appearance of the phone will also have a certain degree of change. In addition, Luo said that the Black Shark gaming phone 4 supports 120W charging and has a built-in 4500mAh large battery. The charging time is less than 15 minutes, but it does not clearly indicate what this “less than 15 minutes” actually means. Does it mean that the mobile phone is fully charged in 15 minutes?

Black Shark 4 gaming phone announced

Whether it is a mobile phone with high-rate charging or a large battery design, such a combination can bring a different experience to users. The Black Shark Gaming Phone 4 is still worth looking forward to. There is also a small detail worth noting. In the warm-up poster, there is a suspected outline of the new mobile phone, and it seems that the phone does not have a front camera.

Earlier, Black Shark officially announced that Black Shark will launch the first batch of new products equipped with Snapdragon 888 in the first quarter of 2021. They also stated that as the pioneer of Chinese gaming phones, Black Shark always pays attention to the performance of mobile phones and insists on using the flagship SOC for all products.


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