The price of Model 3 has been cut again recently, which aroused the interest of many car fans and consumers. However, this is not the first time the Model 3 price has been reduced. In fact, from October 2019 to October 2020, the price of model 3 has been reduced five times in one year, and the actual price has been reduced from 355,000 yuan to 249,900 yuan, which is a reduction of nearly one-third in one year.

Tesla Model 3

However, this will definitely not be the last price cut for Model 3. The news came today that according to bloggers on Weibo, the price of Tesla Model 3 will be reduced to 199,000 yuan (around $30000). Previously, industry insiders predicted that the price of Model 3 is likely to fall below 200,000 yuan.

Therefore, the rumor that the Model 3 price was reduced to 199,000 yuan, this time is very likely to be true. After all, with the reduction in battery costs and the increase in Tesla’s scale, as Tesla’s most popular model, the Model 3 will definitely reduce its price again.

At the beginning of this year, only 30% of the Model 3 parts in Shanghai Factory were produced in China. According to Tesla’s plan, all Model 3 parts will be produced in China by the end of this year, so Tesla will definitely gradually reduce manufacturing costs.

Related research reports believe that it is expected that after 100% of the parts are produced in China, the cost of the Model 3 standard battery life version can be reduced by 29% compared with the US version.


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