Today, it is reported that China-made Tesla’s Model 3, the first batch has been exported to European countries for the first time.

Recently, on 26th October, Tesla held a ceremony of Chinese Manufactured vehicle export at the Shanghai Super Factory. According to reports, about 7k Chinese-made Model 3 vehicles will ship to European Countries.

Tesla Factory

The first batch is expected to arrive at the Belgian Port at the end of November and then be sold to many European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, Switzerland, and Sweden.

The manufacturing and operations director of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory said that at present, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory had completed the ramp-up of Model 3 production capacity. After the production capacity reaches the first-stage target, Tesla can meet the needs of Chinese consumers. At the same time, high-quality products will also be provided to European consumers.

It is reported that the vehicles exported in the first batch are the upgraded version of the Model 3 standard battery life. Tesla said that the Shanghai Super Factory exported Model 3 to Europe, which means that the European market has recognized China-made Model 3.

According to official publicity, the Model 3 used for export is consistent with the Chinese market models.

However, it is interesting that when Tao Lin, Tesla’s global vice president, issued the “export to Europe” press release, she revised several times on whether the configuration was consistent or not, and finally chose to delete the word “configuration.” And operation like this will undoubtedly cause more speculation.

At present, Tesla’s first-phase Model 3 vehicle production project has reached the designed capacity, and the second-phase Model Y production line is under construction.


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