At the 18th China International Semiconductor Expo (IC China2020) held on October 14. Lv Huijun, deputy general manager of Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Service Center (ICisC), confirmed to reporters that the establishment of Nanjing Integrated Circuit University is certain.

Lv Huijun said that Nanjing Integrated Circuit University may be officially established at the end of the month at the earliest. “It is reported that the university is not a university in the traditional sense, but a special school established by the government to gather industry and university resources and cultivate an innovative production-education integration platform for professional integrated circuit talents.

Lv Huijun also revealed: “at the beginning, the enrollment scope is mainly for senior students who have employment needs. There are two teaching methods, online and offline. The teachers mainly come from senior engineers of enterprises and some university teachers. They may recruit junior students in the future. The junior students are integrated with the existing teaching practice and student practice training system in universities.”

Although the Nanjing Integrated Circuit University in preparation does not belong to the traditional Ministry of Education. It will cooperate closely with these universities to provide more practical training for college students and graduate students in related majors.


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