According to official Huawei news, Huawei will hold a HarmonyOS 2.0 mobile phone developer Beta event on December 16 in Beijing. The highlights and agenda of the event have now been announced.

Huawei also announced the registration method. After registering as a member of the Huawei Developer Alliance, you can register for free. Huawei will notify you of the registration result via email and SMS. The registration time for the event is 2020-12-04 00:00:00 ~ 2020-12-15 23:59:59.

Huawei held HarmonyOS 2.0 mobile phone developer Beta event on December 16

Activity highlights
Share HarmonyOS 2.0 design philosophy

Bring an innovative full-scene hyper terminal experience with partners

In-depth analysis of the HarmonyOS distributed application framework

DevEco Studio 2.0 one-stop distributed application development platform

And mobile phone emulator

And Huawei HarmonyOS technical experts face-to-face communication

Activity agenda
12.16 Am
10:00~10:30 Huawei releases HarmonyOS 2.0 mobile phone developer Beta plan
10:30~12:00 Application partners share HarmonyOS full-scene innovation cases

12.16 Pm
13:30~15:10 Huawei experts explain the key features and development tools of HarmonyOS 2.0 mobile phone Beta
15:30~17:00 Face-to-face interaction with developer KOLs and Huawei technical experts

In November, Mao Yumin, vice president of Huawei’s software department, stated that the HarmonyOS mobile phone developer beta released by Huawei on December 16 will adopt a new design language, and the Huawei Mate 40 series will be upgraded first. It is estimated that the design of the new system will also follow the EMUI 11 design philosophy.


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