In November last year, Huawei officially announced the sale of the Honor brand and related asset business, and the Honor mobile phone officially separated from Huawei. The first new phone after independence has received a lot of attention.

After independence, Honor is no longer bound by the ban, and there are a variety of core components to choose from, including mainstream chip suppliers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung.

The Honor V40 series is the first new phone after the brand’s independence, and it is said that it will be equipped with MediaTek’s high-end chip Dimensity 1000+.


As for Qualcomm, some media recently learned from Honor Mobile Phone Supply Chain Company that the company is already developing 5G mobile phones using Qualcomm chips.

It’s a pity that it is not clear which Qualcomm chip the Honor is equipped with. I don’t know if this Qualcomm 5G chip is the latest Snapdragon 888?

At the Snapdragon Technology Summit, the president of Qualcomm said that he is very happy that Honor has become a new participant in the market and looks forward to future cooperation.

Regarding the cooperation with Honor, Qualcomm said that the two sides are currently engaged in some dialogues, and the future will depend on the specific development of the matter.

According to a source close to Qualcomm, the progress of the cooperation between Qualcomm and Honor is very optimistic. The two sides are close to reaching a supply cooperation agreement. It seems that Honor phones equipped with Qualcomm chips are not far from us.


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