On August 19, the official Weibo of Honor Smart Life officially announced the new product – Honor Watch GS Pro, which attracted everyone’s attention.

Judging from this official announcement, the new product should have a breakthrough in sports, which can provide you with more professional sports data and freer sports.

Honor Watch GS Pro officially announced, will be released soon

The accompanying copy of this official announcement is “Mountains can’t cover your longing eyes; roads are full of footprints you can’t stop; valleys, echoing your story; wastelands, recording your deep and shallow memories. Honor watch GS Pro will be released soon. From the city to the outdoors, we will accompany you to explore ten thousand possibilities in life!”

It is not difficult to see that whether it is in the city or outdoors, whether it is the mountain or the road, all reflect the sports attributes of the Honor GS pro.

Judging from the poster, the GS Pro adopts a round dial design, which continues the genes of the Honor Watch series. From the naming point of view, this may be a brand new smartwatch series.

The Honor Watch GS Pro comes with a model KAN-B19, which has been certified by the European Economic Commission.

KAN-B19 EEC Certification

It was previously revealed that Honor will also release a smartwatch with a square dial. You can look forward to it. For the specific press conference time, let us wait for the follow-up official announcement.


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