Today, a blogger broke the news that Huawei has set up a special department to make screen driver chips and enter the screen industry. The blogger also exposed a document issued by Richard Yu.

It is reported that although China has become a big screen manufacturer and exporter, the screen driver chips are mainly imported. In 2019, BOE purchased more than 6 billion yuan of screen drive chips, of which domestic chips accounted for less than 5%.

The LED display driver IC is a key component. It is like the central nervous system of the human brain, which is in charge of the whole body’s movement and the operation of the brain’s thinking consciousness. The performance of the driver IC determines the effect of the LED display screen, especially in the application of small-pitch LED displays. In order to ensure the user’s long-term eye comfort, low brightness, and high gray become a particularly important standard to test the performance of the driving IC, which makes the requirements of driving IC strict.

According to the latest reports, after verifying from Huawei, the department has indeed been established. It was learned from the industry chain that Huawei was engaged in related projects as early as the end of 2019. Huawei HiSilicon’s first OLED Driver is already in production.

It is understood that Samsung Display uses its own driver chip, and BOE’s AMOLED driver chip uses South Korean MagnaChip and other suppliers. Samsung (75%), Magnachip (25%), Silicon Works (5%), and three Korean chip companies account for about 95% of the global AMOLED driver chip market.


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