In the matter of technology, the competition is getting harder, day by day. Recently, we got some new leaks regarding a new Huawei’s product. The product is “Smart Glasses.” In the field of smart glasses, there were many leaks that Apple may launch its “AR Glasses” in 2021. But it seems like Huawei may launch its “Smart Glasses” before Apple.

Recently, a new Huawei’s device patent got approved by the China National Intellectual Property Office. This patent got approved on 3rd July. The applicant is “Huawei Technologies Company Limited” and applied for this on 31st March.

The model showed in patent discloses a smart glasses and includes body, camera assembly, telescopic assembly, rotating assembly, and control system.

Huawei smart glasses

When shooting, tracking people, and other work, the camera can pop out of the chamber, and the camera can rotate 360 degrees. These actions are driven by the telescopic assembly and rotating assembly.

There are three options in the control APP, which are used to control the camera pop-up, rotation, and rotation direction. Users can choose the options according to their needs.

Huawei smart glasses

Huawei smart glasses

When the camera is not required to work, the user can choose to turn off the pop-up camera in the app. The camera will retract into the chamber so that users can wear smart glasses in any scene when the camera assembly is retracted into the chamber.

The appearance of smart glasses can be more simple and beautiful. These Smart Glasses are not expected to launch this year. Huawei may launch them in 2021. These glasses will help Huawei to give competition to Apple in this field too.


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