Recently, Huawei Sound smart speakers got the Chinese 3C certification. Judging from the certification information, the new Sound speaker will be produced by TCL.

The secretary of the house noticed that the Huawei Sound smart speaker adopts the same specifications and standards as the Sound X smart speaker. It will including the same switching power adapter – HW-240271C00.

Huawei Sound smart speaker got 3C certification, will be produced by TCL

Currently, there is only one Sound X smart speaker in the Huawei Sound series. Sound X has a Dewar 60W dual subwoofer and Hi-Res lossless sound quality. It supports high-quality music Wi-Fi transmission and one-touch sound transmission functions and has a good performance in hearing and operation.

In addition, it has tens of millions of high-quality music libraries, and it can be connected to Huawei’s HiLink smart home system.

Smart speakers are a hot product at the moment, and Huawei has also “worked hard” in this field. In addition to the Sound series speakers, Huawei also has Huawei AI speakers, Huawei AI speakers 2, Huawei FreeGO Bluetooth speakers, and other products.

This time Huawei Sound smart speakers have passed the 3C certification, which may mean that Huawei’s new smart speaker products are coming soon.


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