As per reports, Huawei is most likely to launch its all-new Huawei Mate V Folding Screen (vertically) phone and a new wearable device Huawei Watch D, which supports Blood Pressure Monitoring for the first time in the history of Huawei.

Recently, @Chrysanthemum Factory Films Fans (on Weibo) has revealed the live hands-on images of Huawei’s Watch D. As per blogger, he has clicked these images at Huawei Annual Fans Conference. He also tested out the watch, and the results were relatively accurate.

The hands-on images show that the new Watch D adopts a square dial design, and the screen’s edges are slightly curved. The right side of Watch Dial features two physical buttons named “Home” and “Health.”

As mentioned before, the primary feature of this watch is measuring the wearer’s high or low blood pressure and pulse. As per sources, a pressurized bag is integrated inside the watch to experience the actual blood pressure measurement process; it also improves measuring accuracy.

Moreover, the watch also got an ECG Electrocardiogram Measurement Function, which supports all these standard health features, including Heart Rate, Electrocardiogram, and Blood Pressure.

In the Huawei Pollen Annual Conference (2021), the President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Mobile Phone line (He Gang) stated that Huawei is currently working on wearable blood pressure measurement equipment. They will also start research on hypertension management with well-known domestic institutions to explore screening to early intervention.

In May 2021, the president also announced that Huawei has made a breakthrough in the research of wearable blood pressure measuring technology as the first test of measuring blood pressure (on watch) has also passed the medical device registration test.


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