Yesterday, we reported the teardown of the iPhone 12 pro max released by a Chinese repair company. Today the company released a teardown video of the iPhone 12 mini on Weibo. Let us follow the video to explore the internal structure of this phone.

First, use a screwdriver to remove the two screws at the bottom of the phone, and then use the screen opener to pry the screen and open a small gap. In order to improve the waterproof performance of the phone, Apple uses a lot of glue to fix the screen, which cannot be pried up the screen with a traditional suction cup. Then use the pry tool to insert the gap and slowly pry open the screen a little bit. Please note that the screen has two cables connected to the motherboard. Do not open the screen too hard, otherwise, the cables may be damaged.

Remove the display


After opening the screen, you can see most of its components. The previous report said that the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 mini is very small, which causes many people to have doubts about buying it. Through the picture we can see that its battery capacity is only 2227mAh, the battery model is A2471, 3.85V, 8.57Wh. It seems that users who buy an iPhone 12 mini must bring a power bank when going out to avoid the battery from running out.
Disconnect the display cable


Remove the screws and metal pieces of the two cables, and then disconnect these two cables from the motherboard.
Then remove all the screws fixing the motherboard and camera, disconnect the 15 BTB cables connected to the motherboard, and remove the front camera module and rear camera module.


The iPhone 12 mini still uses an L-shaped motherboard with a double-layer structure. Unlike other iPhone 12 models, its SIM card base is integrated into the motherboard, making the motherboard more integrated.

SIM card base

iphone 12 mini all parts

As for other components and chip models, the author did not specify in detail.

Source: Weibo


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