Recently, a leaked image of the upcoming Meizu 20 Pro has gone viral on Weibo, shared by a tipster. This has created a buzz amongst tech enthusiasts, hinting that it is the newest addition to the Meizu 20 series. Today, the company has revealed four new features of this model, which has only added to the excitement.

Meizu 20 Pro Teasers

The Meizu 20 Pro boasts of a 2K+ 120-frame AMOLED flexible straight screen, which uses a Samsung E6 substrate, resulting in a peak brightness of 1800nit. Additionally, the phone comes equipped with a self-developed 1-120 frame LTPO adaptive refresh technology, which is not only smooth but also power-saving.

To support the high-end specifications, the Meizu 20 Pro has a 5000mAh ultra-durable battery that can be fully charged and discharged for 1600 days. Even after this duration, the battery capacity remains greater than 80%. On a single charge, the phone can last for 12.3 hours with high intensity, setting a new battery life milestone.

Another impressive feature of the Meizu 20 Pro is its 50W Super Wireless mCharge wireless supercharger. This technology can charge the phone up to 80% in just 30 minutes and complete a full charge in just 45 minutes.

Furthermore, the Meizu 20 Pro comes equipped with UWB ultra-wideband technology. This feature enables the precise search of vehicles and accessories. Moreover, it is the first to have the domestic CCC3.0 standard UWB car key function, which allows for centimeter-level non-inductive car entry, making it safer and more accurate.

Leaked Image

The smartphone shown in the picture is made in the classic style of the brand without bright decorative elements. The phone will be equipped with three image sensors and a proprietary ring flash. This setup shares similarities with the camera performance of the Samsung Galaxy S23.

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The Meizu 20 series of smartphones are scheduled to debut in the middle of March. However, these devices have already garnered immense popularity among consumers in China.


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