After Apple just registered 8 Apple Watches and 7 iPads in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) file, a set of manuals pictures for the new iPad Air was exposed on the internet, which is suspected of adopting a full-screen design.

Judging from this set of pictures, this manual is in Spanish. The schematic diagram in the figure shows that the new iPad Air will adopt a full-screen design similar to the iPad Pro, but it will not be equipped with a Face ID module.

It will use the TouchID integrated with the top power button. This coincides with the previous rumor that Apple is developing a device equipped with a “side fingerprint recognition function.”


Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Apple would launch the “iPhone SE Plus” with side fingerprint recognition next year.

In addition, the manual also shows that the back cover of the new iPad Air will have metal contacts for pairing with other keyboard accessories. It also supports the same magnetic Apple Pencil pairing function as the iPad Pro. Maybe there is something in common between the two in terms of accessories?

Of course, the above screenshots cannot confirm the authenticity, but maybe we will usher in a new iPad in the near future. According to Joh Prosser, who has repeatedly revealed the release date of Apple products, the new Apple Watch, and the new iPad will be released on September 8 (Beijing time).


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