The ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra is an upcoming smartphone that promises to have a “bezel-less” design and a hidden camera under the display. According to the latest information provided by Nubia on Weibo, the company claims that the new product is more “Ultra” than any other phone on the market and has been polished for 6 years to provide users with the most comprehensive full-screen experience possible.

According to the official images, the Nubia Z50 Ultra will have a rectangular display that doesn’t have a notch for the front camera. The phone will boast a 6.8-inch flat-panel OLED display manufactured by BOE. The display supports 1440Hz PWM and comes with a 16-megapixel sub-screen front camera, which has a 2.24┬Ám pixel size and an F/2.0 aperture.

Besides, one of the key features is its Neovision UDC full-screen display, which is equipped with fourth-generation off-screen camera technology. This technology allows the phone to have a hidden camera under the display, which is integrated into the screen and does not take up any extra space on the front of the device.

This not only gives the phone a sleek and modern look but also provides users with a breakthrough in face recognition security certification.

Other Specifications

Among other information that has been leaked is that the new ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra as well as certainly being a high-end device will also be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, while as far as the battery is concerned, it should most likely be 5000mAh.

The rear camera, on the other hand, should be equipped with a periscope, while as regards the camera under the display, this will probably be provided by BOE, the same supplier of the Red Magic 8 Pro.

These are basically all the information that we currently have on the specifications of this ZTE Nubia Z50 Ultra, but it is certain that the phone in general will have a whole range of different specifications suitable for a top-of-the-range phone.

Unfortunately, however, this smartphone will most likely not reach global markets and just like its predecessors, it could only be released for the Chinese market. The company plans to unveil the new product on March 7, so, we will have to wait and see to find out more.


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