What do you care about most about taking pictures of a mobile phone? Some people pay attention to the night shooting ability, and some people pay attention to the telephoto ability. The zoom ability of up to tens or even hundreds of times can easily capture the distant scenery. In the past year, we have also seen a number of products with a telephoto capability of more than 50 times. To sum up their characteristics, they are inseparable from the support of the periscope telephoto lens. The periscope telephoto lens has also become Synonymous with the phone’s zoom shooting capabilities.

OnePlus 9 will not have a periscope lens

Today, digital bloggers @Digital Chat Station broke the news that the OnePlus 9 series released next year will continue to use a normal telephoto lens, which may disappoint some OnePlus fans. After all, OnePlus products have not used a periscope lens before. Telephoto ability is also limited. However, the blogger said that I don’t know if the supply chain has not recovered. Before Q3 this year, many new phones are equipped with periscope telephoto lenses. Next year, many new phones will not have periscope lenses.

From this point of view, a number of Snapdragon 888 flagships (not just the OnePlus 9 series) that may be released next year will use ordinary telephoto lenses instead of periscope lenses, which will limit the telephoto photography ability of the product.


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