On March 22, Pete Lau, founder and CEO of OnePlus, announced that the OnePlus 9 series will be pre-installed the ColorOS 11 operating system at the factory, and the OxygenOS pre-installed on older models will continue to be maintained and updated.

Pete Lau: OnePlus 9 series will be pre-installed with ColorOS 11

We know that the previous models of OnePlus used OxygenOS, and the pre-installed ColorOS 11 of the OnePlus 9 series is a deeply customized operating system based on Android 11 created by OPPO software department. The system was released in late September 2020.

This time ColorOS 11 brings infinite Always On Display, multi-level dark mode adjustment and other functions, supports dark color adjustment of different intensities, and supports personalized customization such as brand new custom ringtones, different system color styles, and inspirational wallpapers.

In addition, ColorOS 11 brings the flash window, which can be used to instantly realize the small window mode using the up-slide gesture, and can further realize a more convenient floating window, which fully meets the demand for faster use in any scene.

Previously, OnePlus officially stated that the OnePlus 9 series screens refreshed 13 display records, passed the DisplayMate A+ certification, supported true 10bit, 2K+120Hz, 8192-level brightness adjustment, and automatic color temperature sensing.

OnePlus 9 series will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage. OnePlus has also optimized the internal structure and adopted a new heat dissipation design. Under heavy games, you can clearly feel that the body temperature is lower and the game frame rate is more stable. In addition, the OnePlus 9 series also supports dual stereo speakers.

OnePlus 9 series will be equipped with IMX789 main camera, support 4K 120-frame video shooting, support to capture up to 68.7 billion colors of 12bit RAW format.


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