The latest data shows that in October this year, China-made Tesla Model 3 output almost doubled, and October became the second highest sales month for Tesla in the Chinese market.

In October, the Tesla Shanghai plant produced 22,929 Model 3, which is an increase of more than 10,000 vehicles compared with September this year. This means that in October of this year, Tesla’s Shanghai factory can produce more than 5,000 electric vehicles per week.

Tesla Shanghai plant

According to data released by the Passenger Vehicle Association, the sales volume of China-made Model 3 in October was 12,143. The gap between production and sales in October hinted the export volume of China-made Model 3. At the end of October this year, Tesla began to export Chinese-made Model 3 to foreign markets, with Europe being its main export market.

When it just announced that it would produce cars in China, Tesla made it clear that the Chinese-made models are to supply the Chinese market and will not be exported to other countries. However, reports last month showed that Tesla has changed its mind. The company plans to export Model 3 produced in China to other countries.

On October 26th, Tesla held a celebration of exporting China-made vehicles to Europe in its Shanghai super factory. About 7,000 Chinese-made Model 3 cars will set off on the second day for export to the European market. These vehicles are expected to arrive at Belgian ports at the end of next month and will be sold to more than a dozen countries including Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden.

Zhu Xiaotong, President of Tesla China, said: “Today, only 10 months have passed since the delivery of the first batch of China-made Model 3. Now the China-made Model 3 can not only be supplied to the Chinese market on a large scale, but it has also successfully passed all certification requirements and entered to the European market.”

The following are the monthly output and sales figures of Tesla’s Shanghai plant from 2020 to date:

October: 22929 units produced and 12143 units sold

September: 12212 units produced and 11329 units sold

August: 12,714 units produced and 11,800 units sold

July: 12571 units produced and 11041 units sold

June: Unknown production volume, 14954 units sold

May: 11,501 units produced and 11095 units sold

April: 11211 units produced and 3635 units sold

March: 10158 units produced and 10160 units sold

February: Unknown production volume, 3900 units sold

January: Unknown production volume, 2620 units sold


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