On January 4, Realme’s official Weibo announced that Realme V15 will be officially released at 14:00 on January 7. Today, the vice president of Realme announced on Weibo that Realme V15 will come with a 65W charger. The X7 and X7 Pro released last year also have a 65W charger. It is possible that the V15 has a 65W charger with same model as the X7.

Realme V15 will come with a 65W charger

It is reported that the design inspiration of this Realme V15 comes from the “Fish” in “Luoshen Appraisal Painting”, which is the partner of Luoshen and the prototype of modern Koi. The “koi” with profound cultural connotations is deeply loved by young people.

As can be seen from the preheating poster, the back cover of the phone adopts a “non-spectral gradient” design, rearranging the three colors of red, yellow, and blue to give it a rich and bright texture.

In addition, the Realme V15 uses a three-camera module on the back. At the same time, it continues the previous large Logo design elements, and the slogan “DARE TO LEAP” is printed on the back.

Earlier news broke that the phone will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 800U, with 64 million pixels rear camera, and the body weight is only 176g.

Xu Qi, vice president of Realme, said that Realme hopes to use this phone to encourage young people to be true to themselves, dare to think, dare to build dreams, and is willing to grow together with all young people.

This is the first time that Realme combines oriental aesthetics with cutting-edge technology with traditional Chinese culture and spirit as its core, trying to create a national wave technology product full of surprises.

It is worth noting that Realme will also release the new flagship phone of Snapdragon 888 code-named “Race” this month.


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