As the launch date (May 27) of the Redmi K40 gaming edition is coming near, the officials are continuously revealing the main highlights of the phone. Recently, the company has revealed about the new heat dissipation material in the Redmi K40 gaming edition.

Today, the Redmi has officially announced that the all-new Redmi K40 gaming edition will feature the Aerospace Heat Dissipation material for the first time in a smartphone.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Heat Dissipation (1)

This new dissipation system would directly overcome the industry problem that heat dissipation materials cannot enter the antenna and provide a full boost for Redmi K40 Gaming Edition 11540mm² for aerospace heat dissipation.

The Aerospace Heat Dissipation Material [Boron Nitride] used, commonly known as Aerospace Graphene, scientific name: Hexagonal Boron Nitride, is a low dielectric and high thermal conductivity material for rocket jets.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Heat Dissipation

(Breakthrough the antenna forbidden zone) Thanks to its “low dielectric” characteristics, it can control the temperature rise of the antenna while not blocking the 5G signal, which can perfectly cover the antenna area, solve the industry problem of temperature rise and signal dilemma.

This whole scenario will make the ultimate game heat dissipation in Redmi K40 Gaming Version and allowing us to turn on the firepower in the game, and make our phone cool to the end.

It is already known that the Redmi K40 gaming edition is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset, based on a 6nm process. The phone’s body is very thin, equipped with dual physical lift buttons, a side fingerprint design, and a circle of LED lights is added around the lens module.

It was also reported that the Redmi K40 gaming edition would feature the Samsung’s E4 OLED Single Punch-Hole screen with a 144Hz refresh rate as well. The same display has been used in Redmi K40 standard series.

A 5000mAh battery is also equipped in the phone, supporting fast-charging up to 67W (as revealed in the 3C Certification). The phone would be equipped with a side fingerprint scanner as well.

The all-new Redmi K40 Gaming Edition will be launched on April 27 at 7:30 PM (Chinese Timing).

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