With the increasing popularity of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, consumers’ awareness of headsets has also been further improved. The emergence of wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headsets has once again ushered in new disputes in the headset market.

This year, Samsung released two true wireless Bluetooth headsets, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds +. The bean-like shape design has attracted many trendy fans, but the active noise reduction effect of Galaxy Buds Live has made some consumers not satisfaction.

Recently, Samsung filed a new trademark application in the United States. The words “Galaxy Buds Beyond” appeared in the application. According to speculation, this name may be Samsung’s new generation of true wireless Bluetooth headsets next year.

Today, a battery with the model number EB-BR190AY appeared on the Chinese 3C certification website. According to the famous Samsung tipser Ice Universe, the device is likely to be the upcoming Galaxy Buds Beyond.


According to the 3C certification, the new product model code is SM-R190, while Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds are SM-R180 and SM-R170, respectively.

This new generation of Samsung headphones will be equipped with a 472mAh battery. Coincidentally, the battery capacity of the Galaxy Buds Live is also 472mAh.


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