Tesla executives said today that the company will start rolling off the Chinese-made Model Y from the production line of the Shanghai Super Factory in early 2021.

Tesla Model Y will roll off from the Shanghai plant in early 2021

Model Y is the second SUV model released by Tesla in March last year. Tesla initially planned to deliver Model Y in the fall of 2020. However, thanks to the smooth transformation of the production line. The Model Y will be delivered to customers in late March this year.

At present, Tesla has not officially announced the price of the Chinese-made Model Y, and the production line of this model in the Shanghai Super Factory is still under construction.

According to Tesla’s official website in China, the estimated price of the Model Y long battery life version is 488,000 yuan, and the high-performance version is 535,000 yuan.

It is expected to be produced in 2021 at the earliest and has already begun to accept reservations. A few days ago, Tesla founder Elon Musk said at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference that Tesla is forming a research and development team in China and that the Shanghai Super Factory is progressing smoothly. He looks forward to visiting Shanghai again as soon as possible.


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