As per Digital Chat Station, it was reported that Vivo is planning to replace its FunTouch OS with an all-new OS, named “Origin OS.”

This morning, Vivo has officially confirmed (on their official WeChat account) that they will launch the Origin OS soon. They stated that the 2020 Vivo developer conference would be held in Shenzhen on November 19. The conference will focus on the new OS, applications, games, business cooperation, technology, IoT, and other topics.

It is not confirmed whether there will be a new hardware release or not.

As per reports, the Origin OS stands for “Original OS.” The blogger @Chat Station claims that it will be a significant improvement over the current Funtouch.

The blogger also further explained that it would become one of the best Android UI customizations out there. However, there’s not much detail about the new interface or how it will be different from Vivo’s current system.

It is reported that Vivo will launch this Operating System in the upcoming “Vivo Developer Conference 2020”. The all-new Origin OS will debut with the Vivo X60 series (as per reports). The Vivo X60 series is expected to be launched before the end of this year.


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