According to the official information released by Vivo, OriginOS will be launched by the next-generation X flagship model of Vivo, but they did not disclose the release time of the phone. It is guessed that it should be the Vivo X60.

OriginOS upgrade plan

The old models will start public betas before January 31, 2021. The first public betas models are Vivo NEX 3S, Vivo X50 series, Vivo S7, iQOO 5 series, iQOO 3, iQOO Pro, iQOO, and iQOO Neo3.

The second batch of public betas is scheduled to start before February 12, 2021. The public beta models include Vivo NEX 3, Vivo NEX 3 5G, Vivo X30 series, iQOO Neo, and iQOO Neo 855 version.

The third batch of public beta models will be launched in Q2 in 2021, covering Vivo X27, Vivo S6, Vivo S5, Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo S1, Vivo Z6, Vivo Z5 series, iQOO Z1x, iQOO Z1, Vivo NEX dual-screen version, Vivo NEX S and Vivo NEX/NEX screen fingerprint version, etc.

OriginOS, as a brand-new system of Vivo, officially introduced that it can open a brand-new digital world interaction method, allowing users to feel real pleasure. OriginOS changes are focused on design, fluency, and convenience, the fluency has increased by 32%.

OriginOS brings a brand new Multi-Turbo 5.0, including visual response priority, optimization of computing resources, application preload 2.0, intelligent freezing technology 2.0, VPG 2.0, and other technological innovations, making the system’s performance continue to be outstanding.


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