Heart rate monitoring technology is the focus of attention of many wearable device manufacturers. As ordinary users, this function is also very necessary. On September 29, Xiaomi’s MIUI Weibo posted an article in which it briefly introduced a new feature developed by Xiaomi – heart rate monitoring.

According to Xiaomi’s introduction, the heart rate is closely related to your health. Xiaomi Health has added heart rate monitoring. The highlight is that it can be measured at any time without installing third-party apps. So, how is this technology achieved? It turned out that Xiaomi used the phone’s camera, LED flash, and AI heartbeat recognition algorithm to cleverly “turn” the two hardware and software algorithms of the phone into a tool that can measure heart rate. The measurement method is also very simple. The user only needs to put his finger close to the camera to start the test.

The heart rate monitoring function can indeed help people to understand their health to a certain extent. If something is found wrong from the test data, they can also seek medical treatment in time to eliminate the adverse factors that damage the body.

Currently, the following models support this function. They include Xiaomi CC9e, Xiaomi CC9 Pro, Redmi 6A, Redmi 10X Pro. In addition to the above models, all models with MIUI 12 support heart rate monitoring.


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