Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi Mi 11 flagship phone yesterday. In order to further explore the inside of the phone, today, Aiao Technology shared a teardown video of Xiaomi Mi 11 on bilibili.

According to the teardown video, the internal components of the Mi 11 are neatly arranged and very beautiful, showing the design and workmanship of the flagship phone.

Internal picture

There are no other functional parts on the back cover, only a lot of cushion foam. The main camera glass cover is processed by CNC, and the macro lens directly uses the cover glass, which puts forward higher requirements for the optical performance and flatness of the glass cover, and the processing difficulty is also higher.

The rear camera of Xiaomi Mi 11 comes from Samsung’s HMX, S5K5E9, and OmniVision’s ultra-wide CMOS OV13B10. The front lens is Samsung’s S5K3T2. The phone does not use Sony’s lens.


The components on the motherboard are all covered with VC heat sinks, and copper foil, graphite, thermal grease, aerogel are used to ensure the heat dissipation performance of the mobile phone. The Snapdragon 888 Soc and flash memory are sealed with glue, which can further enhance the safety of the mobile phone when falling and entering the water.

Xiaomi Mi 11 comes with a BM4X lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 4600mAh, produced by Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd.



The video author also tested the heat dissipation performance of the mobile phone. Under HDR high definition 60Hz, playing PUBG for 30 minutes, the front of the phone is up to about 41 degrees, and the back of the phone is up to about 40 degrees. When playing “Genshin Impact”, the maximum temperature reaches 37 degrees¬†after one hour in the highest picture quality. It seems that the Snapdragon 888 generates a very large amount of heat. If remove all heat dissipation materials such as copper foil and metal shields, you will find that this SoC can easily reach more than 80 degrees. It can be said that Xiaomi Mi 11 has done very well in temperature control.

At present, Xiaomi Mi 11 is still in pre-order and will go on sale on January 1, 2021. This is also the world’s first officially mass-produced Snapdragon 888 flagship mobile phone.

Source: Bilibili


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