This afternoon, a blogger on just leaked two images of Mi Band 5. From leaked images, it is confirmed that the new upcoming “Mi Band 5” will use the old design. The product still uses the plug-in charger for charging purposes.

The physical appearance of the product (as shown in pictures) is almost the same as its predecessor, “Mi Band 4” was. It still uses an oval screen and body. The whole front panel is pure black.

The previous rumors were suggesting that it will use a punch-hole OLED display. But it uses the old design like the earlier generations of Mi Band. This decision may be made to reduce costs and increase the yield rate during mass production. Combined with the consistent pricing of Mi bands, it also makes sense.

It is reported that the new “Mi Band 5” will have some improvements like better battery timing (compare to previous generations). The pricing of this upcoming product will be roundabout 200 Yuans.

Currently, the information regarding the upcoming “Mi Band 5” is minimal. The launch of this product is expected later this year. If any more information regarding “Mi Band 5” comes, you will be updated on our website. So stay tuned!


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