Yesterday, Xiaomi officially released MIX4. After 3 years of research and development, Xiaomi’s first under-screen camera phone is finally on the market. Regarding the internal structure, components, and secrets of this phone, a well-known teardown blogger @loubin immediately released a disassembly video of this phone.

Xiaomi Mi MIX4 uses an integrated lightweight ceramic body. Of course, for the signal, there is a very narrow metal frame between the screen and the ceramic, and the antenna is reserved.

The first step of the teardown is to shut down and take out the SIM card tray, heat it on a heating pad or air gun at 90 degrees Celsius, and gently pry out the gap with the thin piece. It should be noted that when separating the rear case and the screen, you need to be careful about the USB-C cable at the bottom to avoid breaking.

This mobile phone adopts a common three-stage structure. The upper part is SoC, camera CMOS, memory, UWB antenna, etc., the middle part is NFC and wireless charging coil, dual-cell battery, and the lower part is the subboard that integrating the speaker, linear motor, USB-C, and other modules.

The cooling system of Mi MIX4 uses a large amount of heat dissipation film, copper foil, and thermal grease on the chip. After testing, the average temperature of the body is 36 degrees Celsius when playing “Honor of Kings” for half an hour; playing “Peace Elite” for half an hour, the average temperature of the body is 39 degrees Celsius.

The LPDDR5 memory of Mi MIX4 is from Samsung, the ROM is from SK Hynix, the battery is from Dongguan New Energy, and the speakers and microphone are from AAC Technologies.

When it comes to the under-screen camera, under strong light, you can see two obvious light-transmitting holes on the head. The circle is the front camera, and the square is the distance/ambient light sensor. The former has higher light transmission.

In addition, although the official advertised that the Xiaomi Mi MIX4 supports 50 watts fast charging, the actual measurement can reach 100 watts with the sailing wireless charging base, which can be fully charged in 36 minutes, and the wired 120W is fully charged in 20 minutes.
Xiaomi Mi MIX4 teardown


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