Yesterday, Xiaomi announced on Weibo that it will bring a new technology concept new product tomorrow, called “seeing the future at a glance”. This morning, this new product was officially announced.

This new product is not a mobile phone product, but a smart glasses. Xiaomi said: Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition is unveiled! The seemingly ordinary glasses have a magical experience. Wearing them, the picture is vivid in front of you. It uses innovative MicroLED optical waveguide technology to make smart glasses truly miniaturized.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Explorer Edition

From the perspective of the copywriting and pictures, Xiaomi’s smart glasses can support various tasks such as calling, navigation, photographing, and translation without the appearance of the ordinary glasses. It can be said that the props of science fiction movies have been brought to reality.

However, as a concept product, Xiaomi has not announced the release time and more content of this product, but since the product picture has appeared, I believe it will be getting closer and closer to the release date.


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