Patent For Upcoming Vivo Smartwatch

Posted By: Albert Cheung Published: 16/06/2020 Comments: 0

There are many reports which claim that Vivo is planning to launch its smartwatch series. Recently, there are two Vivo branded smartwatches got certified by the 3C Certification site. Moreover, a month ago, a smartwatch patent was leaked on Twitter. That patent was of a smartwatch (from Vivo), which seems to be the second watch in 3C Certification.

Recently, we got another patent of Vivo branded smartwatch. This watch seems to be the first watch in the above mentioned 3C Certification. The watch has not all the same design as compared to the watch leaked in the first patent.

The patent we got is applied by "Vivo Mobile Communication Limited" to "State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China." The patent has an application no. 202030023985 .6 with an authorization number CN 305842191 S. The patent is applied on 14th January 2020, which points us that Vivo was planning to launch a new smartwatch series from January 2020. The patent got approved recently on 12th June.

The smartwatch showed in this patent is round shaped like the first one. But the bezel of this smartwatch is seemed to be different. The bezels are plain as compare to the previous watch. It is worth mentioning that the previous watch has numbers on its bezel.

On the rear side, there is no sensor, like the previous one has. Only the charger connecting port is there. Those sensors usually support features like heart rate measuring, stress measuring. This watch only consists of two buttons on the right side. The appearance of buttons shows that buttons are also simple. The previously exposed watch includes three big-sized buttons as compare to this watch.

The straps also seem to be very simple. This watch may be cheaper as it lacks many features as compared to previously revealed watch's features. Moreover, some reports claimed that the previously leaked watch has a model number of "WA2056". This watch may have a model number "WA2052" which is at first of 3C Certification. It is confirmed that both watches will support only 5W (1A, 5V) charging, as mentioned in 3C Certification.

Currently, both of these watches are not officially announced by Vivo. But the launch is expected very near, maybe next month.

Check out the patent on Vivo smartwatch.


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