Smart watches are watches that have information processing capabilities and meet the basic technical requirements of watches. Its function is similar to a personal digital assistant. In addition to indicating the time, it should also have one or more functions such as reminding, navigation, calibration, monitoring, and interaction, such as the compass, pedometer, touch screen, global positioning system, And as a mass storage device. It can display pointers, numbers, images, etc.. World-renowned technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei have been involved in the development and research of this product. The representative products include Apple Watch, Google Watch, Huawei Watch, etc.

With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have begun to add mobile functions. For example, in the past, watches can only be used to watch time. Nowadays, they can also be connected to the Internet through smartphones or home networks to display call information, twitter and news feeds, weather information, etc.

If smartwatches are classified according to the operating system, there are two types: IOS and Android smartwatch. Their representatives are Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Smartwatch types:
1. Without call function: it can realize multi-function by connecting with a smartphone, and can synchronously operate phone, SMS, email, photos, music, etc;
2. With call function: it supports the SIM card, which is essentially a smartphone in the form of a watch; most of them use the Android system.

Working principle:
The working principle of the smartwatch is mainly to intelligentize all the built-in systems of the watch, and then carry the smartphone system and connect to the network to realize the multi-function of the smartwatch.

Motherboard, display, touch screen, speaker, handset, SIM card slot, TF card slot, strap, buckle, battery

Composition structure:
The structure of the smartwatch is mainly composed of a processor, a low-power Bluetooth module, physical buttons, a vibration motor, and an acceleration sensor for detecting and controlling gestures.

Basic functions:
1. It can send and receive text messages and emails in real-time and check mobile phone calls in time.
2. Built-in pedometer function, which can monitor the movement status in real-time.
3. It can monitor blood pressure, pulse, etc.
4. Time and weather real-time query, not only can check the weather conditions, but also check the pollution index;
5. WiFi connection, downloadable app, rich entertainment functions.
6. It can tweet, watch the news, and enjoy freely.

Most functions of smart watches need to be realized through a mobile phone app, and its functions will be reduced by at least 80% after leaving the app. At present, the smartwatch has more practical functions: alarm clock, event reminder (phone, SMS), step recording, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, mobile payment, bus card.

There are more than two of these functions, which is a qualified watch. However, if you are a business person who often travels on business, the dual time zone function may be more practical; if you are a frequent driver, a watch with map and navigation functions may be more practical for you. The specific situation also depends on individual needs.

So does a smartwatch need to have many functions? Generally, you don't need to have many functions. Unless you have a strong demand for sports and need a professional sports watch, the actual experience of other functions is not much different. The watch that can make card call is even more unnecessary.

The development prospects of smartwatches are still very good, but perhaps in the future development process, not only smart bands, but also many types of smart products compete with smart watches. How to get better development of smart watch in many intelligent products is what manufacturers should pay attention to.