Patent reveals Xiaomi foldable phone has a rotatable camera

Posted By: Albert Cheung Published: 28/07/2020 Comments: 0

In 2019, Huawei and Samsung have released their foldable phones. Apple, Xiaomi, and Vivo and other manufacturers also have plans to release foldable phones, and they have applied for patents for the upcoming folding phones. We have also reported on Xiaomi and Apple’s foldable mobile phone patents before. According to the patent, Huawei may release a foldable mobile phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the near future. Now Xiaomi's patent for a mobile phone that can be folded up and down has also been approved today.

Today, we found a new patent on Xiaomi folding phones. This patent was filed with China International Intellectual Property Office by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. on November 7, 2019, it was approved and announced on July 28, 2020.

xiaomi fold phone

xiaomi fold phone

This patent shows a mobile phone that can be folded up and down. It may be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, but its design is obviously different from the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

xiaomi fold phoen camera

There is a rotatable camera on the top of this phone. It can rotate when it is working (it is not known whether it can rotate 360 degrees). This function is very friendly to photography enthusiasts. This phone also comes with a stylus similar to Samsung’s S pen. This stylus is magnetic and can be attached to the top of the back of the phone.

xiaomi fold phone stylus

According to the existing patent pictures, the top of this phone is thicker than the body, which may not be in line with the user’s aesthetics. However, this is only a patent at present. As for whether Xiaomi will release such a phone, we still have no idea.

Check out the patent here.


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