After the cancellation of the AirPower project, it is widely rumored that Apple will restart the wireless charger plan this year, and when the outside world is guessing about Apple’s wireless charging accessories, the newly exposed iPhone 12 charging module brings some new news. A blogger has exposed some pictures of iPhone 12 ‘s wireless charging module. However, the blogger has deleted the other two pictures. Currently, only two pictures are on its Weibo.

iPhone 12 wireless charging module
iPhone 12 wireless charging

According to the information exposed, it seems that Apple intends to add magnets to the wireless charging module of the iPhone 12, with a wireless charging base that also has a magnetic attraction function (such as the rumored AirPower that restarts), which can be omitted when charging the iPhone Steps for aligning mobile phone and wireless charger module.

In addition, the wireless charging protective case that matches the iPhone 12 has also been exposed, and its wireless charging module seems to adopt the same design.

When Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging pad a few years ago, one of its main functions was to support charging anywhere on the charging board without the need for the device to be aligned with the coil like other wireless chargers.

In fact, Apple Watch uses a magnetic charging design. When the back of the Apple Watch is placed on the magnetic charging base, the charger’s magnet will align the Apple Watch and start charging.


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