Apple is expected to launch its all-new iPhone 15 series in the 3rd quarter of this year. However, the 1st quarter is not yet ended, and the leaks and rumors have entirely revealed the complete information regarding Appleā€™s upcoming flagship. Today, we got a look at another leak.

This morning, the blogger @HongyangTechnology (on TikTok China) revealed the new CAD design renders of iPhone 15 Pro models through which many new features of the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup got confirmed.

In the video, the blogger exposed that the Pro models will discontinue using physical volume buttons and the side mute switch. Instead, it would have overall slender buttons to adjust the volume.

At the same time, the mute switch is expected to become a button that is required to be pressed for operation. It is worth mentioning that Apple has been using the physical music switch on its iPhone since 2007 (from the original iPhone 2G).

As per reports, the new solid-state design in the volume button will disable the pressing functionality of buttons. However, two built-in Taptic Engine motors will stimulate the pressing feeling, exactly like we have seen in the 3D Touch Home Button (used in iPhone 7 and newer models). It is worth mentioning that standard models would still retain the physical volume and lock buttons.

Moreover, the Pro models will also feature a Titanium Allow frame (instead of stainless steel), which can play a vital role in increasing the lightness and durability of the device.

Simultaneously, the screen frame will also become narrower and might reach the highest level in the smartphone industry. The entire lineup is also reported to use a USB Type-C port instead of a lightning port for the first time in the history of iPhones.

The new Apple iPhone 15 lineup is expected to be released in September 2023.


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