Denza has become a true brand under the complete control of BYD, which has developed its first model, the Denza D9 MPV. Moreover, the company is currently working on two additional vehicles, namely the compact SUV Denza N7 and the large three-row SUV Denza N8. Recently, new spy shots of the Denza N7 have surfaced.

And today, the Denza N7 was spotted in an official video teaser, with a camouflage covering. However, the vehicle’s design appears to closely resemble its original concept. The N7 model seems to be a compact car, measuring no more than 4.5 meters in length and offering seating for up to five people. The design of the front seems sporty, with large air intakes and sharp headlights.

Denza N7 Teaser

There are BYD seal-like protrusions present on both sides of the engine compartment.

The overall posture of the body is also relatively low and rounded, and the slippery rear is also equipped with a large-sized hollowed-out rear wing.

Furthermore, based on the distinct front-face designs, it is speculated that the Denza N7 may release both all-electric and PHEV models simultaneously like the Denza D9.

At the moment, there is no information available about the interior, configuration, power, and other related details.

BYD CTB (Cell to Body) Technology

Denza N7 is based on the new BYD 3.0 electronic platform and it will receive BYD CTB (Cell to Body) technology, which integrates the BYD Blade battery into the car body, which has basically evolved from a “sandwich structure” battery into a ” sandwich structure” vehicle.

It appears that the BYD N7 is not fully prepared for its appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show next month. Therefore, it is anticipated that the vehicle will make its debut in the third quarter. The starting price for the car is 210,000 yuan ( equivalent to $30,680 ). Further specifications will be provided once available.

The Denza N7 is the finalized version of the 2022 Denza Inception concept car.

Denza was a joint venture between BYD and Daimler founded in 2012. Their first car, an electric car called Denza, was released only in 2014. In 2018 it was updated and the name was changed to Denza 500. It sold poorly and was discontinued in 2019.

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The same year, Denza launched the Denza X, a large SUV based on the second-generation BYD Tang. Since November 2021, Denza has become essentially a BYD brand, with BYD owning 90% and Daimler only 10% of the shares. BYD quickly canceled the X and began developing an entirely new line of vehicles. The Denza brand is placed above the main BYD brand. Just like Haval WEY and Changan Shenlan.


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