This afternoon, Realme announced that it will hold a flash charging technology communication meeting on January 5 at 14:30, the realme 240W super charging technology will be officially unveiled.

Realme 240W charging technology will be unveiled

It is reported that the Realme 240W Super Flash Charge uses a USB-C charger with an output parameter of 24V/10A, which is directly output to the double-string battery pack by two charge pumps.

After entering the mobile phone, the power is converted into 10V/24A for high-voltage direct charging through the charge pump, and the new generation of cells supports higher rate charging, and the current of a single battery cell can reach 12A. With the 240W super flash charging, a mobile phone with equivalent 4500mAh battery capacity can be charged to 100% in 9 minutes.

In terms of safety, Realme customized USB-C connectors with lower impedance to further reduce contact resistance, and use thicker wires to enable high-current and high-power transmission. It also sets up an E-Marker encryption chip, and the encryption algorithm eliminates security risks such as hacker firmware.

According to the Digital Chat Station, the realme 240W flash charge will be first equipped by the realme GT Neo5, and this mobile phone may announce the launch time at the communication meeting on January 5.

According to previous revelations, the realme GT Neo5 has two versions, the realme GT Neo5 supports 150W wired flash charging, and 5000mAh battery. The Realme GT Neo5 Pro supports 240W wired flash charging and 4600mAh battery, the GT Neo5 Pro will be the highest fast charging power and fastest charging speed phone so far.

Realme GT Neo5 will have a 6.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2772*1240, support 144Hz refresh rate and PWM dimming, and carry the new 3.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip.


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