Recently, a new product from Nokia has been listed on the FCC Certification site. The product has the model number “SB-201” and is named Nokia Solo Bud+. Moreover, the live images and complete specifications of Nokia’s new product are also mentioned.

Product Info

In the live images, the appearance of Solo Bud+ can be observed, which seems similar to an ordinary Bluetooth Solo Earpiece. Overall, it consists of seven major parts. There is an ear tip on the top, and then we have a micro USB Port; after that, we got an LED indicator light that shows the battery status.

On the side, we have the volume up and down buttons, and then we have a multifunction button in the middle, which is expected to be used to stop/play the music. Then we have a significant component, the microphone.

The user manual section in the certification revealed that the box of Solo Bud+ would include the following things: Headset, Micro USB cable, Ear Tips (S/M/L), Quick Start Guide. It is also mentioned that this solo bud comes with an IPX4 water protection level, saving it from water splash.

User Manuals

In teardown images, it can be seen that the Nokia Solo Bud+ is equipped with an 80mAh Battery. Moreover, it can also be seen that August 4, 2020, is also mentioned, concluding that the company was working on this device from last year.

Currently, there is official information regarding the existence of this device.


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